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A new Dawn 🌄

  • Apostle Joshua
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Moses was a dictatorial leader to the Israelites, a position that was needed at that time and season but Joshua (Yehoshua), who was democratic leader, told them that they have seen ‘what God has done for them, it is their choice to serve him or not but as for him and his house they shall serve the Lord.” Are there reproaches done in our lives that we need to let go…? Let Go

We need to have be open and naked before God in order to be circumcised in our thoughts and ways.

This helps us to go to the next level and it graduates us to maturity.

Circumcision brings new beginning, right thinking and right deeds.

Circumcision means deleting failures and wrong old ways of living in order for the “egyptianism” of slavery to be taken away.

When you are set free from slavery the mentality is still there and that’s why circumcision is in order.

When free, we don’t depend on “handouts” but celebrate more because of victory.

Expose yourself to Jesus for he cares for you. There is a testimony for you for HIS glory.

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