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Fear Not, God will Provide For The Task (Part 2)

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Rev. Richard Kimani taught us about Embracing God's Transformative Call

We read from the book of Judges 6:1-20

– The book of Judges highlights a recurring cycle of Israel's disobedience, suffering, repentance, and God's deliverance.
– Our focus today is on Gideon's encounter with God's transformative call.

Key Notes 📝
1. God's Gracious and Merciful Nature:
– Israel's disobedience led to seven years of oppression under Midianites.
– Despite their rebellion, God's grace and mercy shine through.
– Our challenges don't define God's nature; He seeks to restore and deliver.

2. Our Identity vs. God's Perspective:
– Gideon's introduction as a “mighty man of valor” seems at odds with his circumstances.
– What you call yourself is not what God calls you.
– Our identity is rooted in God's perspective, not our shortcomings.

3. Equipped for the Task:
– God's call is accompanied by His empowerment.
– Gideon questioned his ability, but God assured him of His presence.
– The God who calls you will also equip you.

4. Confronting Laziness and Exploring Giftings:
– God's call requires action, not complacency.
– Laziness can hinder us from fulfilling God's purpose.
– Gideon's story teaches us to explore the giftings God has bestowed upon us.

5. Embracing God's View of Our Identity:
– Gideon's self-doubt was rooted in his perception of himself.
– God's view of us is far greater than we imagine.
– What you think you are is not what God thinks you are.

What we should do
– Embrace your true identity in God's eyes.
– Recognize that God's call on your life is accompanied by His provision and empowerment.
– Don't let laziness or self-doubt hinder you from stepping into God's purpose.
– Explore and utilize the giftings that God has placed within you.

– Just as God transformed Gideon's identity and empowered him, He can transform us.
– Our response to God's call shapes our destiny and impacts those around us.
– Let's leave today with a renewed understanding of God's transformative call and a determination to embrace it fully.

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