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Four marks of a spirit filled church

  • Pastor Romeo
Date preached October 31, 2021

Acts 9:31-35 Jesus is alive and he was given all the power and authority in heaven and on Earth.

Traits of a spirit filled church:

  1. Peace and unity. God wants us to be united.
  2. Power.

Manifestation of the Holy Spirit

  1. Healing power. Physical, emotional and spiritual healing: the wounded and unsaved come and find healing and redemption.
  2. Transformational power. We are transformed in the likeness of Christ and empowered to serve God. We need to feed on the word of God.
  3. Purity. 1 Corinthians 3:10. God wants his church to be sanctified and purified.
  4. Passion: For Christ. For the Lost. Seek the Lost and preach to them. A true Christian must be a Christianizer. A spirit filled Christian is filled with passion and compassion for the Lost.