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Motivation For Outreach; Finished Work of the Cross

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Luke 24:27
Genesis 3:15
Preacher: Deacon Anthony Muchiri

In this powerful sermon, Deacon Anthony Muchiri dives deep into the biblical foundation of our motivation for outreach, exploring the profound significance of the finished work of the cross as revealed in Luke 24:27 and Genesis 3:15. Join us as we uncover the spiritual truths and calling that ignite our passion for reaching out to others.

Key Points:

Understanding the Finished Work of the Cross (Luke 24:27)

Deacon Muchiri will guide us through the journey of revelation that the disciples experienced on the road to Emmaus. This encounter with the risen Christ unveils the significance of the finished work of the cross. Discover how the Old Testament points to Christ’s redemptive mission and its impact on our outreach efforts today.

The Promise of the Seed (Genesis 3:15)

Genesis 3:15 promises the coming of a seed who will crush the serpent’s head. Deacon Muchiri will illuminate this prophecy and show how it relates to our mission of reaching out to a broken world. The seed of the woman, Jesus Christ, is the ultimate motivation for our outreach as we seek to bring His victory to those in need.

Our Call to Continue the Work

We will explore how the finished work of the cross empowers us to carry on the mission of Christ. Deacon Muchiri will inspire us to embrace our role as ambassadors of reconciliation, sharing the message of hope and redemption with a hurting world.

Join us for this transformative sermon as we uncover the motivation for outreach rooted in the finished work of the cross. Let us be equipped and inspired to carry the message of salvation to all corners of the earth. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of God’s redemptive plan and your role in it.

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At Karen roundabout, turn to the Karen-Ngong road. 200m in, take a turn to your right into a marram road just before the signage written Dojo. The entrance is the 2nd one on your right.
Public means 111, alight at Karen shopping center

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